We manage audience data for B2B publishers who recognise this is, bar none, their most asset and therefore needs to be managed by experts.

Our clients have a single view of all their data to enable them to have a better understanding of their audiences and be able to target their content accordingly – Relevant content to a relevant audience creates an engaged reader.

We work in any way our clients want us to work. Some like to be involved with every part of the process keeping close to their data. Others leave it up to the experts and receive regular reports so they can monitor from afar. Either way we're always on-hand to chat things through, advise and bounce ideas off.

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We absolutely love the way good data management can transform a business. We’ve been shouting it from the rooftops for many years.

Our satisfaction comes from receiving multiple spreadsheets from various different areas of the business and, using our magic, presenting back to our clients a clear view of what they have.

That’s just the start – on-going management and great software allows us to improve the depth and breadth as well as managing the normal churn.

Some might call us compulsive nerds who love the right order of things – they may be right!


We are a team that revel in the right processes and accurate data. Our bespoke software is borne out of many years supporting publishers and our clients are safe in the knowledge that we treat their asset as if it were our own.

Where possible these processes are automated, but we also realise there’s nothing more capable than the human eye and manual involvement to get things right.

We think we have the mix between automation and manual process absolutely correct. Automation helps us keep our prices down and ensures regular routines are adhered to while we always have primary or secondary manual involvement to support, check and maintain accuracy.

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Who we are

Key Management

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Daniel Verrells

Managing Director

More than 30 years experience in data management and analysis, founder of Beeline Data Services in early 2009.

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Sally Davey

Data Manager

The pivot around which our processes succeed. She has a real desire to support our clients with her professionalism and flexibility.

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Heather Field

Customer Services

Always looking to do the right thing and an absolute treasure when it comes to dealing with our clients and their customers.

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Jenn Armstrong

Audit Manager

Our BPA audit guru – huge amount of knowledge and practical experience on both audit and client side.


What our clients have to say.

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Beeline are a great fit for us. Not only do I have 100% trust in their software and processes to give us the service we demand but their strategic input and experience with data is vital to us moving forward. A single view of all our data is paramount if we are to create and maintain an engaged audience for us and our clients.

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Beeline have demonstrated that they can successfully manage a mix of digital and print subscriptions, with effective data management and efficient processes.

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We needed to take the next progressive step in our data management both to enable us to analyse, segment and understand our audience data and also to make sure we are staying the right side of the upcoming GDPR. Beeline’s software and their understanding of our needs made it an easy choice.

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We need to have a single view of all our audience data to help us understand and grow what our database while utilising a robust system that can make the most of the new Data Protection regulations. Beeline are proving to be the ideal partner.

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Data always has been an important part of the business and we think this is set to increase over the coming years. We were looking for a company that has the software to manage our data (including GDPR compliance), the expertise to help us make the most of what we have and the structure to manage the inevitable churn. Beeline fits that brief perfectly and we’re already on the way to reaping the rewards.

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Accurate audience data is a key element of our business values. Beeline enables us to keep our data in an environment that allows us to target our readership with more accuracy, improve our marketing ROI and enable our clients a more fruitful exposure to the market. I became aware of Beeline through recommendation and have now seen first hand that they have a growing track record of doing just that. I met with Daniel on several occasions and discussed our objectives and data goals and was impressed how quickly he understood our values and data requirements. I am confident the Beeline team will support and achieve our vision.

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We approached Daniel at Beeline Data Services when one of our clients recommended them to us. I can say that the service provided is second to none, they kept within the timelines originally briefed and provided accurate reporting, and kicked our data into shape from which our team is now benefiting.

I would not hesitate to anyone that is looking to get their data in order – keep up the great work guys.

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Daniel and Beeline are the perfect partners with their data expertise and data management software. I am particularly impressed with their integrated email function which will allow us to manage our email communications within the database rather than downloading and uploading into a third party tool as well as the ability to automate some previously labour intensive processes.

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I migrated all my audience data onto their software in early 2013 and have been using the Beeline circulation service since later that year. I have total confidence in the way Malcolm at Beeline manages the circulation process, including some quite complicated BPA returns, and feel the systems give me the control I want without the need to micro manage. I would have absolutely no hesitancy in recommending them to any other company considering an upgrade in the software they use or the circulation service they need.

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As with all growing publishers we need systems in place that work for us and Beeline have the answer. It has really made us focus on how CRM can help us strengthen our sales process.

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We originally employed Daniel Verrells and the services of Beeline to introduce best practices circulation and data management, mentor our circulation and data executive into management material, improve the quality of the company’s data and communicate a companywide focus on our data mission. Daniel was quick to deliver some quick wins for the company and introduce procedures that help us manage the data churn as well as carry out more effective data marketing.

We were struggling with our circulation bureau and have now moved to the service Beeline provide with no regrets. We also feel we have the processes in place to keep moving forward and have complete confidence in the legacy Daniel has left behind.

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I have used Beeline to provide insight into the retail market and to give us a real view of the accuracy of our data within that industry. His understanding of the brief and ability to add value to the project enabled me to achieve what we set out to do. I would have no hesitancy in recommending him for any data project.

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I needed the services of a specialist data and circulation management company to ensure my magazine auditing and circulation process was tightened up after a few years of audit reports and an ageing circulation.

After 10 months I have just been through a trouble free audit and the circulation database for all my magazines is well on its way to being where I want it to be. Daniel at Beeline is proactive, flexible and is willing to focus on my needs whenever I need him to – an expert in his field. He keeps me in the loop so I don’t feel out of control and gets things done.

I would have no hesitancy in recommending him to others publishers for any data or circulation projects.

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Daniel has always delivered everything I have needed on time and to the requirements requested. He is very organised and ideas driven. A great person to work with!

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I was impressed by the efficient way he pulled together a complex situation, handling a huge taxonomy. In our meetings together he was very positive and helpful.

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As a single point of contact of the business relationship, Daniel was prompt and punctual in attending to any issues that needed to be ironed out. He was proactive and knew what he wanted from the service provider and was approachable at all times. He never compromised on quality of the deliverables and was keen to train us to achieve the desired quality standards. During our personal meetings Daniel demonstrated professional work ethics, high integrity and good understanding of others’ point of view.

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Beeline have a been a “breath of fresh air” to deal with since I began working with them 12 months ago.

They are diligent, punctual and have great awareness of their clients requirements. I would have no qualms in vouching for the quality of service that I receive from Beeline.

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We have a growing stable of exhibitions, conference and awards that need an ever evolving marketing strategy. Legacy systems have meant that we needed to find a supplier of a suitable system that enables us to have a Single Customer View of all our marketing data and Beeline are providing that. We look forward to working with them and benefiting from the market segmentation that this affords.

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